Short Term Management

”Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out.” (Stephen Covey)

Short Term Management is literally that. Maybe an executive has taken emergency personal leave, or you are in the middle of a recruitment phase and need short term experienced manager to ensure the ball remains in play. I’m happy to assist where possible, as I enjoy engaging with different organisations, and building culture in the process.
It is important during any possible crisis that may have brought this need about to keep the team focussed on the business plan, maintaining customer satisfaction and employee morale.
Brining experienced executive skills to a role, where employees are highly valued usually creates a short term motivational boost for the team, irrespective of the starting condition.
As a seasoned executive with responsible for up to 250 employees, and multiple facilities, in various roles from Operations/GM and site management experience in large and small business, there are many organisational roles I can provide assistance with if required.

Main benefits:

  • Very used to working in different environment, so new environments are a routine for me.
  • Experienced senior manager with years of experience.
  • People manager, respecting the skills of others.
  • Collaborative operating style.
  • Budget management, reporting and Communication skills.
  • Quality/Engineering/Project Management foundational skills.
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