Case Study - Coaching 1

A service provider, embarking on a significant long term strategic program, wanted to introduce continuous improvement as a daily practice in their organisation. I was engaged to assist with its deployment, by coaching teams and individuals to facilitate this outcome. The deployment included establishing regular stand-up meetings and using regular CI tools to help teams become conscious of the sources of issues within the organisation. Individuals took on ‘A3’ or one-page reports to identify, interrogate, isolate and implement improved solutions to daily problems encountered in the organisation.

Main benefits:

  • Teams introduced continuous improvement as part of their schedule.
  • Individuals and team’s growth spurred on by challenging the status quo.
  • Teams learnt how to break a problem down, into a specific problem statement.
  • Teams discovered that complex expensive solutions are not always the answer.
  • The process gave a voice to underlying issues.
  • Identified ‘problems’ were resolved at a rate approximating 10 per month.
  • This project reinforced the value of good leadership.
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