Case Study - Lean Transformation 1

A client had an intensive manufacturing business in fast moving consumer goods. Within this business were a number of printing processes, integral to the operations. These printing processes were a bottle-neck to the businesses productivity. The team believed they needed to get an additional printer at a cost of circa $1.5m.
Downtime was significant, short runs and long changeover times, frustrated by machine maintenance needs, didn’t help.
Work was presented to the print department in a lumpy pattern and they did not have the capability to recover if they lost any ground, given the changeover time. By mapping the process and applying smart change-over tools, this team were able to lift production to levels beyond that of an additional machine and the cost was deferred.

Main benefits:

  • The team had felt pressurised, disconnected, stressed and at fault. They created the new model.
  • Changeover time was significantly reduced, modelling the new method created from a hybrid of all operators.
  • Variation was reduced by improving the condition of the machinery.
  • A revised drum beat in the facility ensured there was a pool of selected work, so printers would always be able to keep their equipment operating.
  • The team took control of their own internal scheduling to optimise their print sequence.
  • The team conducted their own daily progress reporting back to the business
  • This project reinforced the belief that a valued empowered team can surpass all expectations.
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