Case Study - Lean Transformation 2

A client had recently merged 6 sites under the one roof and relationships were challenging as people did not have the same autonomy as previously. Miscommunication resulted in missing deliveries, overtime, stock outages, and increased costs. This program consisted of running a number of in-house lean training sessions specific to their needs, developing a daily management board, and implementing 5-S and training matrix in their facility.

Main benefits:

  • Creating a stand-up meeting board, ‘forced’ parties to work together.
  • Implementing 5-S meant plant presentation was greatly improved and the maintenance crew continued to make useful production aides for the team.
  • Training included an overview of lean methodology.
  • This project reinforced my appreciation that tools are not the only answer, and it is far more crucial to engage individuals where they are at, leading to my further development in coaching.
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