Case Study - Short Term Management 3

A client asked me to oversee their intelligent 3PL distribution centre while a General Manager was being recruited. The process took longer than expected and I ended up running this FMCG facility over a number of months. This was right through the peak pre-Christmas period. The customer base was varied with a high skew for software products. The facility also conducted specialised packaging/assembly. This operated at 24×7 during peak periods, with up to 100 people per shift. The role included management of site, over-site of Victorian manufacturing, management of key projects and securing early customer payments as the organisation was cash poor.

Main benefits:

  • Keeping the facility operable by negotiating early payments from customers to ensure staff got their weekly wages.
  • Managing employee conflicts in a challenging environment.
  • Keeping suppliers on board, when payments had fallen in arrears.
  • Maintaining integrity of law with respect to treatment of employees.
  • Working with game developers, and releasing distribution into the Market was both exciting and challenging.
  • The range of items, and irregularity of profiles provided both a challenging and exciting opportunity.
  • This was a demanding role, and it was pleasing to meet customer delivery requirements during peak period.
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