Case Study - Workshops 1

A client was building vehicle bodies and had an opportunity to secure additional work. However it was conditional on them getting orders out on time. They had produced two new custom bodies and both orders had come in together. I began with a facilitated team workshop. Focusing on lean principles, bottlenecks and visual daily management. It was apparent after a couple of weeks the team was struggling. They needed more direct assistance. I spent time in the facility coaching and directly interfacing with the scheduler and production team. I also assisted with their daily visual management process. Both orders were completed on schedule.

Main benefits:

  • Power of visual planning within a team.
  • Right-sizing of resources required to manage the work content through the facility.
  • The engagement and support of the management team backing the effort.
  • Dealing with schedule issues at the right time. Ensuring they don’t create problems later in the sequence.
  • The discipline of regular audits of the process to arrest things which may otherwise have gotten out of control.
  • This was a dynamic team, they were designing and building prototypes, confirming compliance and then building to customer specifications.
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