Case Study - Workshops 2

A client was growing fast. A number of problems had arisen as a consequence of the associated growing pains. I took a cross-functional team through a facilitated workshop. The top issues were identified and agreed between the team. Three projects were initiated. Project teams were selected. Improvements were made to resolve the issues. These projects were completed within two months. Then a second round of top three projects were selected. We ran through this cycle 5 times. There were significant benefits along the way. Including the extraordinarily rapid development of emerging leaders.

Main benefits:

  • Key problems identified at launch workshop and multiple teams established.
  • Coaching of these teams to meet short term project cycles (time based).
  • Exceptional management support in the process, had a massive impact.
  • Team results were fantastic, techniques they learnt on the way useful for PD.
  • This client has achieved great sustainable results and positioned themselves well for an expected take-over.
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