Change Management

”You must embrace change before change erases you.” (Rob Liano)

Change is one of those things that is happening every minute of everyday in your business, whether you are conscious of it or not. Change is not difficult, we change attitudes, perspectives, emotions, thoughts, states, regularly.
Change management is about influencing that change in a desirable direction that will be conducive to your desirable vision, inline with the values you hold and it will be exhibited in the behaviours within your business daily.
Change cannot be done to people. You cannot change me, anymore than I can change you, so the notion of directing change, and hoping it will stick is ludicrous, and usually leads to destruction over time.
Embracing change through a shared vision which listens and respects all inputs will be a lot easier to adopt. It is important to know WHY you want to undertake change, so when moments of truth arise, you have the fortitude to stay the course. Change management that changes direction each day of the week leaves everyone permanently confused and apathetic. So before commencing be clear, engage, and listen especially to the outliers, as they maybe the only ones telling it as it is, rather than what you want to hear.

Main benefits:

  • Elicit the vision, values and expression throughout the business.
  • Confirm customer needs and aspirations.
  • Confirm your capabilities and desire for the future.
  • Engage the team to get their inputs.
  • Consolidate, share, reflect, change.
  • Craft your story, communicate, execute.
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