Project Management

“Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” (Peter Drucker)

Change management is not routine work. It is guided by a specific need, desired outcome, and a body of work that needs to be completed to transition.
Projects have huge potential to not only change your environment, but also your people.
Creating highly energetic, short cycle project culture which allows people to shine, and deliver results to your business is an exceptional way to achieve win / win / win (you, them and the organisation)
Having a simple framework to get started, facilitated by an objective person really helps create momentum. As projects are bite sized, getting traction and progress happens within this high energy environment. At the end of a project cycle, reporting back progress to sponsors, creates opportunity to stand out. Citing learnings, and noting what can be improved in the next cycle allows the wheel to turn another revolution.
While projects themselves deliver great outcomes for a business. The development of people in the process is the real gem.
In addition to facilitating projects, we also do project manage projects, or act as technical resource in projects as required.
Success is a process of discovery, and developing people through formal teams to do actions to is an insightful way to deliver results.

Main benefits:

  • Short cycle, bite sized improvement projects, take people on a fast-paced journey of making progress, which is infectiously motivating.
  • Objective external project management takes biases out of the program.
  • Stay focussed on what you are good at, while having an assurance that your projects are being managed effectively.
  • Clear communication of progress to plan, and regular reporting.
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