“An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage.” (Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO)

Today we are more educated than ever. We have a greater percentage of the population completing high school and gaining tertiary education. We have more technology at our disposal, defined systems and processes to keep us on track. Why do we need training?
When did you last read your induction manual, and comprehend it? (please say you have one). What about your internal systems, policies and procedures? Not to mention new initiatives you want to train others in.
Face to face training in the presence of people, allows a collective learning and energy exchange that is not readily available when you boot up, and tick the box.
We are so busy reaching for goals that are on the horizon, we sometimes forget that we have not tied our shoe laces. This has been my experience, and while there are plenty of PhD’s that can help you with your high-end training, I’m happy to make sure your laces are tied so you don’t trip on the first step.
Success is a process of discovery and learning that together is an energising experience that teaches us how to deliver results.

Main benefits:

  • TAE qualified trainer.
  • Create training materials for delivery.
  • Deliver customised training for your team.
  • Deliver your training material to your team.
  • Audit your training needs.
  • Construct training plans.
  • Train the trainer for your future delivery.
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