“Most of us spend too much time on what is urgent and not enough time on what is important.” (Stephen R. Covey)

Get help to get the right things done, and deliver the outcomes you are seeking.

Important initiatives do not get the attention they deserve, as we fumble in the daily grind.

Through my services I have helped organisations see objectives more clearly.

Through my technical background, I have helped implement necessary changes to deliver outcomes.

With my facilitation, teams have been engaged and delivered process improvements themselves.

Though my short term management, Enterprise Agreements have gone from hostile to negotiable outcomes.

Projects are being clearly defined, strategies are being implemented.

When you are under the pump it can be difficult to forge a path to success, when you know that an extra pair of specialist hands would really help the situation.

Projects are great, but we all have day jobs to do, and something will eventually suffer if we burn the candle at both ends, call in some help.

Strong performers fatigue over time when they continually get loaded with more work, so, instead of burning them, help them out.

People need challenges, if you got 10% more from your workforce, without breaking out in a sweat, what would that mean to you?

Change Management projects with a focus on productivity and or waste reduction will generally deliver well in excess of that.

If it is important to get the results, and keep the organisation going at the same time, get some help.

When people are stepping up to new roles, getting objective support can help them be successful quicker.

Success starts when you DO something different, so you KNOW you will get better RESULTS.

Success is a process of discovery, and doing actions to deliver results.

Whether it’s a new strategy, implementing lean, project management, hands on operations management, people are challenged by changes, and though business tools and techniques can be taught and learnt well, our own programming, beliefs and patterns can limit the success we achieve.

Why do we perform better on one type of task and not another? Why do we have a few high achieving ‘stars’ that get lumbered with all the challenges? Why do some projects succeed and others struggle? Why do we put off important tasks, instead of getting it done?

What if we could help people lift the bar by putting them first, dealing with their limiting beliefs, and let them create greater success in their roles? What if that could happen quite quickly?

I have the experience of being in similar roles, I have studied ‘best practice’, ‘Lean manufacturing’. My interest has always been about people – growth and development, and now I’ve matched these hard skills with advanced coaching skills, which can help re-wire your personal software, and improve the results you can achieve now.
Sometimes we are so caught up in the day today, that we don’t take a big enough view of the situation. I frequently work with teams, setting goals, guiding them through projects and helping them be accountable.

Through this process, identifying particular people that are struggling, opens up opportunity for non-judgmental exploration of their ‘map’, shifting limits and allowing real growth and results to happen.

By engaging this way, there are real time results, and growth, delivering an excellent ROI
If you want better results, from everyone in the team, give me a call, I’ll take you through the process, if this approach is suitable for you, and get started.

Sometimes, just creating the challenge or the focal point is enough to get you going, and that’s fine too.

“You break it, we fix it.”

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